Walnut Estate Tower

November 18, 2014 | by Brooke Willmes

9 unit condominium tower with 1,800 square feet of retail space on it floor facing Walnut street, called the Walnut Estate Tower, is currently up for zoning and would replace a single story parking lot. The Zoning Board of Adjustment voted unanimously to approve the variances needed to allow construction of the Walnut Estates Tower at its November 5 meeting, dismissing neighbora��s concern over its lack of parking. This project at 22nd and Walnut in the Rittenhouse Square section will also include five, 5000 square foot townhomes, to be called the Walnut Estates. The condo proposal is being described as the place where a�?Center City and University City are coming togethera�?. The Estate Tower will also like to land a signature restaurant as its tenants for the street level retail space. The condos will range in size from 500 square foot to 1,230 square feet and have one, two or three bedrooms. The biggest opposition to this proposal by the neighborhood association is its lack of parking but the developers point out that there are approximately 1,900 parking spaces in the surrounding blocks. They also plan to include two car garages to the five town-homes that will be built. The developers plan to find spaces of the existing parking lota��s car share spaces as well. The neighborhood association testified that with the loss of the parking lot and the lack of parking proposed by developers will worsen the parking problem even though the parking lot over the last several years has never been more then half full. One of the reasons developers do not want to add underground parking to the proposal is because it would make the retail use on the first floor impossible. They also note that the condo residents in this part of the neighborhood would likely not have many cars and that there are plenty of car share spaces and public transportation for them if they can not walk to where they are going. The construction of this building could lead to future redevelopment in nearby sites such as a the long vacant lot at 1911 Walnut Street.

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