Tiny Homes Growing Slowly

August 28, 2014 | by Brooke Willmes

There are many reasons why the “tiny house movement” is on the rise. The rising fuel cost, tight mortgages, and concerns about one’s environmental footprint are just a few reasons why many people are choosing to live in smaller homes. So what is a tiny house? In square footage, it can be something around 172 to 875 square feet and on Sept 6 and 7th the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company will be having their first workshop here at the Wyndham Philadelphia, Historic District Hotel on 400 Arch St.A� The workshops aim to help those who are interested in a simpler lifestyle. Andrew Morrison and his wife Gabriella Morrison who run the workshops for tinyhousebuild.com first discovered the idea after longing for a life of uncluttered, simple, environmentally friendly and affordable home. The thought of owning a small home has definitely not been always been the epitome of The American Dream. The large house and white fence has been the symbol of the American Dream for a long time and owning a large home has also been a sign of success. But with a large home, often comes with a large mortgage, a lot to furnish and a lot to clean! Some families who look for large homes outside their price range can often time forget what a burden it can be to have to work extra to pay for it, clean it and maintain it. Couples and families who have chosen to live in smaller places say they feel a financial burden lifted off their shoulders and seem to have more time for their families and hobbies. These tiny homes on average cost around $23,000 and 78% of them own their homes compare to 65% homeowners with traditional houses. It is definitely not for everyone and you have to be extremely dedicated and motivated to live in simplicity. The tiny house movement has begun to grow in the east coast in such places as Boston, Washington, and Asheville, N.C. Outside of the workshop there are a lot of resource to you can do to find out more about down sizing and decluttering small homes and the affordability of the tiny home movement. We may be seeing more tiny homes in the future as people begin to discover different ways of saving money and becoming more environmentally conscience with their homes and lifestyle. The American Dream could soon be changing as smaller homes and smaller cars become the norm.

data gathered from philly.com


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