The importance of staging your home

October 23, 2014 | by Brooke Willmes

The term a�?staginga�? may not be a familiar term to everyone, especially to those who have not sold a home in many years. A lot of people think staging only applies to vacant homes, by bringing in furniture and accessories to make a home look “lived in.”A� But perhaps more important than staging a vacant home is the difference staging can make in your occupied home.A� In an occupied home, staging is about editing the possessions you do have, adding in some that you don’t have and cleaning until you can’t clean anymore…and then cleaning a little more!

Staging can be the difference in gaining a better sale price and could even cut weeks and months off your selling time. It is about creating an environment or feeling that allows the buyers to feel that your home could be their home. People are very visual and in staging a home, you do not want to strip the house of everything in it or make it look as impersonal as a hotel room. Removing all the clutter is the number one step of staging a successful home.A� Anything that you will not be using should leave the house preferably, or second best, end up boxed neatly in the basement in a container that will not attract dampness, like a plastic tote rather than a cardboard box.

Then it is important to create a staging plan, that could involve renting furniture or using pieces of accessories you already own or owned by a personal stager. We understand that cost is always part of the bottom line and there are graduated plans of staging.A� We at Fresh Quarters take lots of measures to work with you to create a liveable staging plan for $500 or less, and will happily consult with you before you list your home on what upgrades to make or to skip.A� (Some things that would have been important to you had you continued living there may not be important for buyers or not get you a return on your investment.) A�Staging is often neighborhood-specific too, so if you’re hiring a stager or a real estate agent to help you with staging as part of the listing process, make sure they have a handle on what buyers will be looking for in your neighborhood.

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