Paul Fishbane and Christine Magne, Art Museum,

My wife and I decided to move to Philadelphia from a good distance away, and we found it even more attractive when we came for an informal look around. But we knew very little in the kind of detail that would allow us to decide well on a house and on commercial space for our antiques business. Moreover, the process was long — we had to wait for a year to sell our house in Virginia emdash and had to be carried out long-distance, with only an occasional trip up to look at properties that interested us the most. To start with, Brooke’s knowledge about Philadelphia and its neighborhoods is impressive. She showed enormous patience for the constraints we were working under, and great empathy with our desires as well as an ability to guide those desires to something practical. Finally, she demonstrated a terrific attention to all the details of the process. Not only did she find us a house that matches virtually every aspect of what we hoped to find, but she found us a commercial space that is both original and practical. No hesitation here in suggesting Brooke to anyone buying, selling, or renting real estate in Philadelphia. I should add that the team she works with seems very capable.