Christopher S., Kensington

Brooke takes the most horrible, skeptical buyers like myself and makes them feel at ease. There is not a single question you can ask this woman that she does not know the answer to! Digging in those listings and hunting for that perfect house is what she does best, and she loves doing it. We explored many different housing styles and joked through the entire way, admiring cute features, imagining what it will be like when I’m 70 living in this house, you name it. If you’re picturing some estate agent in a mustard jacket following you around with nothing but smarmy remarks to say, that is not Brooke. If you’re looking for someone forthright, sincere and to represent you at the closing table, there are few people in the Philadelphia area at Brooke’s caliber. We did find the perfect house and at the very end, the seller was getting a bit resistant on an addendum to our Agreement of Sale. She quickly handled the situation flawlessly. If you are buying property and need an expert, especially if you are buying for the first time and are extremely nervous about the entire process including finding the financing, Brooke is the best resource you can have on your side.