Juan Giusto

February 25, 2014 | by Brooke Willmes Juan Giusto

Juan is the glue that binds the Fresh Quarters team together as part-administrative assistant/part-marketing guru.  Juan is an artist, graphic designer, and photographer who has studied at Art Institute of Philadelphia.  He has an extensive background and many years experience as a screen printer and logo designer. Juan enjoys photographing a city that is rich in architecture, neighborhoods, and beautiful murals throughout its streets–if you see Philadelphia photographs popping up on our social media, you know Juan’s been out and about.

Juan is a Philadelphia native who has been living in Fishtown for over 25 years, who enjoys the Philadelphia music scene, iconic music theaters, and the ever growing art culture and community.  He’s also a passionate sports fan, competitive sports player and a dog lover who has two dogs, an American Pitt-Bull-Bulldog pup named Shero and pup Black lab-pitt named Hexy.

Connect with Juan: juan@freshquarters.com

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