Reactivating Kensignton Megalot

July 21, 2015 | by Brooke Willmes

The mega-lots: one of the most underdeveloped, potential areas of opportunity in Kensington. The Kensington mega-lots are a large collection of empty lots on land belonging to Philadelphiaa��s former vast textile empire. Nearly all the empty lots are in the hands of private speculators or trust. Almost all of the lots are up to date on their property taxes and the community next door are itching to get the land out of the hands of the current deed-holders. After many years of industrial decay, things are finally starting to happen on one of the smaller lots. Ground has been broken on that lot which will be home to senior housing that the East Kensington Neighborhood Association had passed through zoning a little over a year ago.

So more good news for the area, infill housing is starting to pop up on vast empty fields. There are many new construction house springing up in the area around the York-Daulphin El station. This is an area that has seen recent influx in new construction which also happens to be the district City Council member Mark Squilla holds. Why is this important? Squilla has been known to be on the most pro-development district City Council members in Philadelphia. Right now in Kensington, there seems to be a lot of land, a lot of transit, and a lot of opportunity for the area to grow. Good things are beginning to take shape in East Kensington.

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