Philadelphia is the leading American city for bicycling

September 15, 2014 | by Brooke Willmes

Philadelphia continues its ascent as the leading American city for bicycling. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has released its latest report and things are looking pretty good for Philadelphia. Biking is not only great for the health and safety of a community, but it can also help reduced street noise, traffic and improve air quality. Less gas emission is a great thing for any city.On a national level, Philadelphia remains the top big American city for bicycle commuting. On a local level, the report has shown that the largest growth in bicycle commuting is occurring in neighborhoods such as Fishtown, Kensington, Brewerytown, Temple University, University City, and Southwest Philadelphia. It is not a coincidence that all those neighborhoods have also seen a growth in real-estate and population in the last few years.

A�In Philadelphia, it seems more people want to live in areas that have good public transportation or an easy biking commute to work. Philadelphia has seen this growth and continues to help create a better bike-able city. It has begun to paint green bike lanes along Delaware ave and in some neighborhoods such as Fishtown and Kensington, they have painted bike signals on the ground to help insure bicyclists flow the same way as traffic and to help navigate through the neighborhood. The city has also opened up bike trails along the river and piers and are working on a plan to connect the entire riverside to a bike trail in the next few years. The Mayor of Philadelphia is working to help finalize the last steps to bring a major bike sharing system to Center City and the surrounding neighborhoods, which have been the subject of several of our blog posts in the past few months. This major bike sharing program could also help sway more people who work in Center City to bike to work, which would decrease traffic in the area.

Philadelphia also has the highest percentage of women bicycle commuters at 33% which is 24% higher that the national average. With the arrival of a bike share program, Philadelphia must continue improving on its infrastructure to meet and safely manage its bicycling rates. Also, of the top ten populated cities, Philly has the second highest percentage of commuters who do not drive to work. This report shows that we are currently in the right path to decreasing gas emission, improving our quality of life and making Philadelphia a desirable place to live.

Data gathered from Bike PHL Facts.

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