New Plans for Cedar St. Lot

August 25, 2014 | by Brooke Willmes

The empty lot that has sat on the corner of Cedar and Ritter Streets for a very long time will soon see new development. The lot sits on the corner overlooking Cione Playgrounds baseball field. The developers plan 7 new construction homes, 4 homes facing Cedar Street and 3 homes facing Ritter Street. This part of the 19125 area code sits in an area that many outsiders do not know what to call. It is not quite Fishtown or Port Richmond and it is East of Kensington. Many of the locals still call it Flat Iron, which was once the original name for this pocket of 19125 and some have adopted it as part of Fishtown. This empty lot has been there for the good part of 12 years or more and has been sort of an eye sore for the community. It has not been well kept, with bushes and grass growing high. The developers plan on springing up 7 new more modern-looking homes, which would vastly differ from the traditional two story brick architecture that dominates the neighborhood. The new development in the long run will be good for the neighborhood and the empty lot will no longer be an eye sore for the community.

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