Washington Square West

In “Wash West”, you can find coffeehouses, shops, sidewalk cafes, and nightspots. Live on quaint, cobblestone streets like Camac and Hutchinson or in condos in the grand house of Portico Row on Spruce Street. Pine Street’s Antique Row, Jewelers’ Row (the country’s oldest jewelry district) and sweet little boutiques along Spruce, Pine and 13th make this area one of the best for shopping! This neighborhood is also home to the Forrest Theater, the Walnut Street Theater and some of our favorite BYOBs. Neighbors Lolita and El Vez serve up some of the best margarita choices in town for those warm, Summer nights. We’d be remiss to not mention local bath products makers Duress and Langel, a great home store Open House and sister fresh flowers/chocolate boutique Verde. Naked Chocolate and Capogiro are perfect ways to end the evening!