Lush Green City Neighborhoods

July 1, 2012 | by Brooke Willmes Lush Green City Neighborhoods

Recently I spent a weekend in Manhattan and got a chance to go over to Brooklyn into Fort Green and Park Slope.A� My family and I went to Brownstoner’s Brooklyn Flea in Fort Green and checked out the shops in Park Slope.A� I got the chance to live in Manhattan in Union Square for two years during Undergrad at Eugene Lang and even though finances convinced me to leave NYC and finish college in Upstate NY, I still have a fascination with NYC.

This trip to Brooklyn, however, made me long to move into a brownstone there with trees and some nice front steps to sit on and chat with my neighbor like an extra in an LL Cool J 90’s video. And because I’m a mere mortal, I’m about $1.5M away from affording such a home.

But it got me thinking:A�Center CityA�is the Manhattan of Philadelphia and what is the Fort Green and the Park Slope?A� Where can someone live who loves trees, beautiful homes and interacting with one’s neighbors, partaking in a game of chalk drawn hopskotch?

Several neighborhoods come to mind: West Philly.A� Everyone calls itA�University CityA�but there’s many neighborhoods within West Philly and the area around Clark Park come to mind.A� Victorian twins populate the neighborhood as well as ornate brownstones and rowhouses.A� Funky ethnic restaurants abound.A� Coffeeshops, brew pubs on Baltimore Avenue and trolley service intoA�Center CityA�for the same price as a train withinA�Center CityA�make this neighborhood just outside ofA�Center CityA�desirable.

There’s theA�Art MuseumA�area a/k/aA�Fairmount, Spring Garden, Brandywine…this area definitely feels like a lush green area within a walkable commute toA�Center City.A� It feels very much like Fort Green in that most of the housing stock is 3 story brownstones big enough to be split into many condos but nice in that there are plenty of entry level 2 story 800 square feet houses as well.A�A�FairmountA�Avenue is the center of commerce there and there’s a nice blend of restaurants, salons, boutiques and a prison that formed the basis of our modern day prison system (along with Singh Singh) to boot!

So if you like lush, green neighborhoods that are very convenient toA�Center City, we actually have closer options than Manhattan…for a mere fraction of the price.A� A $500K budget in either neighborhood will get you a fairly good sized home (4+ bedroom).

Now…we just need our own version of Brooklyn Flea!!

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