Garden inspired tips for your home

June 16, 2015 | by Brooke Willmes

Now that Summer has finally arrived, you can take inspiration from the garden and liven up your interior. Garden gates and urns will certainly add an inviting touch to your rooms and homes all year round. Here are a few simple ideas that can bring all the delight of a garden to your indoor space:

Give your indoor room potting-room touches such as watering cans, fresh flowers and a farm-style cabinet. Use outdoor pots and urns indoor. This can help add texture to your room from materials such as iron, concrete, terra cotta and ceramic. Over-sized pieces can make a big statement!

Try hanging tools on the wall. Some homeowners choose to bring collections of antiques farm tools and treat them like art in the breakfast room or kitchen. Antiques such as childrena��s garden tools, green trellis and antique wooden rakes can create a comfortable, homey feel to your kitchen space.

Grow plants! Here is a list of top plants that can also help liven up your home:

1.Fiddle Leaf Fig has taken the design world by storm: they are larger specimen plants that are loved for their large, glossy, leathery leaves, that make great houseplants.
2.String of Pearls is a plant with long tendrils of trailing foliage covered in pea-like beads. These type of odd plants can be great conversation starter and do not take much maintenance or water.
3.Pothos is a trailing lush, leafy vine that will deal with infrequent watering and neglect. This plant adds an inviting, homey feel and is great plant that helps purify indoor air!

The size and type of home you live in should not steer you away from bringing plants and gardening to your home. Finding the right plants that work best for your style of living is the key to brining a green, homey feel to your home. Spring is here, so it’s time to get our your green thumb and spruce up your kitchen or living room!

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