Fully funded project – Philadelphia School

December 14, 2016 | by Brooke Willmes

Mr. Franklin, a Philadelphia public school teacher, teaches STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) coursesA�to young students. He has a strong focus on letting the students gain control and unleash their creativity when it comes to exactly what projects they create. Mr. Franklin says that many of theA�studentsA�are currently building things that they plan toA�sell to make money for holiday shopping.

Mr. Franklin would like to continue to expand this class for the students, and with that comes the need for more/new materials. He had asked for donations to be made to help supply the students ‘makerspace’ with Silhouette Curios, vinyl, metal, and various other tools. We are veryA�happy that we were able to support this cause and that it is now fully funded! Visit the link below to read more and to see Mr. Franklin’s note to us with updates of what the students are now able to do with the new materials:


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