40th Street Trolley

March 10, 2015 | by Brooke Willmes

The new 40th Street trolley portal is set to break ground in 2015. The University City district has successfully raised $1.4 million towards the transformation of the 40th street Trolley portal. The plain concrete slab will now turn into a vibrant, safer transit hub for daily commuters. Although $1.4 Million has been raised, the 40th Street Trolley Portal Neighborhood Committee will still raise more funds that will be necessary to keep the project on track.

The portal is about an acre in size and is home to four busy trolley routes, the 11, 13, 34 and 36. Phase 1 of the project which is the plaza area, will likely have a cafe. The plaza has heavy foot traffic and the new purposed plan for this plaza is bringing more green landscape and life to the area.

The second phase will also include more landscaping. The mounds will help to move pedestrians through the hectic intersection of foot and trolley traffic while also offering some visual appeal, seating walls and storm-water management opportunities. With the money that has already been raised and construction set to begin soon, phase 1 will not take long to implement.

All data, pictures and information gathered from planphilly.com

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